The cotton rate in Pakistan

Cotton is a fibrous and a cash crop in Pakistan, cotton is the most important contributor to Pakistan's economy. Cotton is not only the raw material for the textile industry in Pakistan but also for oil production. Cotton and cotton-made textile products have the largest share of Pakistan's exports. Being a cash crop it profits the farmers along with providing employment to many people in the country. Pakistan is the fourth largest country in the world known for cotton production. 

cotton rate in pakistan


cotton rate in pakistan


Official KCA spot rates for local dealings in Pakistan rupees  (January 10th, 2023)


The kca official spot rate for local dealings in Pakistan rupees


                     For base grade 3 staple length 1-1/16"

                    Micronaire value between 3.8 to 4.9 ncl


Rate              Ex-gin   Upcountry   Spot rate    Spot rate    Difference

                    for price     Ex-Karachi  ex. Khi. as   Ex-Karachi

                                                   on 03-10-2022


37.324 KG        19,000        235        19,235        19,235          NIL


40 KGS           20,362        252        20,614        20,614          NIL



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