Who We Are

Our Mission to create ease for our manufacturers has led to us initiating a one-of-a-kind software platform that allows the digitization of previously archaic industrial management processes. Zortal is an industrial enterprise solution that allows management teams to digitize processes and capture relevant data points which assist in better decision-making.


Meet our team!


Ahsan Ali Khan


Working in some of the leading startups in Pakistan throughout my career created the appreciation that businesses need favorable conditions to thrive. At Zortal our mission is to enable our organizations digitally and make their businesses more efficient. We want to provide seamless organizational solutions for a multitude of industries which will enable underserved industries to leapfrog and compete globally.


Taha Iqbal Teli


Having seen decades-old businesses in my family with archaic processes facing challenges to keep up with global standards. I felt there was a dire need to enable manufacturers across various industries to solve these challenges.Zortal is a one-of-a-kind enterprise solution that will not only enable organizations to have superior and more efficient processes but would also allow them to get access to a wide range of data points relevant to their business.Zortal was created as a way of working closely with multiple organizations to enhance their decision-making ability via a digital ecosystem that is nothing like what they’ve experienced before.


Asif Ali


Having more than 20 years of experience in high-tech product and engineering experience in several leading start-ups in Pakistan, I felt there was a need to create a one-of-a-kind platform to solve organizational inefficiencies. That was the vision behind creating Zortal, a software solution to create ease and increase efficiency. Zortal was created as a software solution to help automate organizational processes and make them more efficient.


Our Core Values

We make our customers the star of our story

Our customers are central to all conversations we have we solve their problems every day and take pride in going the extra mile for them

We either find a way or make one

We are persistent and always find a way. No matter what it takes, we create the best solutions for all stakeholders involved

All for one, one for all

We stand together no matter how big the adversity. We support and help selflessly, and treat one another with the highest levels of respect

Embrace the adventure

We are eager to take the road less traveled, embrace the unknown, and pioneer solutions for our customers