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agha steel

Agha Steel Industries has construction raw materials of the highest quality and are viewed as a leader in the steel industry of Pakistan. Agha Steel is the first company that introduced TMT technology in Pakistan, along with a fully automated rolling mill— enabling them to produce high-quality rebars with accuracy to meet specific customer needs.

Agha Steel Industries Products

Agha Steel Arcon 706 (Earthquake Resistant) Deform Steel Rebar

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Elevate the seismic resilience of your reinforced concrete structures with our premium Deformed Reinforcement Bars. Compliant with ACI 318 standards and ASTM A706/A706M publication, these bars not only meet stringent seismic design criteria but also feature an upper yield strength limit essential for reliable earthquake resistance. Their exceptional strain ductility capacity ensures optimal force absorption, while their weld-friendly chemical composition simplifies construction. Choose our Deformed Reinforcement Bars to reinforce frame members effectively against earthquake-induced flexural and axial forces, embodying the pinnacle of quality and compliance for seismic applications.

ASTM A615 Grade 60 Rebar

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Unveil the superior capabilities of our ASTM A615 Grade 60 Rebar, boasting an impressive minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds per square inch (420 megapascals in metric grading). Its innovative continuous line system, strategically positioned a minimum of five spaces from the center, ensures precise placement and heightened structural stability. Designed to excel in medium- to heavy-duty concrete reinforcement applications, this rebar stands as the epitome of strength and reliability, aligning seamlessly with stringent ASTM standards and exceeding expectations for projects demanding unwavering structural integrity.


agha steel

Agha Steel had the first EBT Electric Arc Furnace with a fully automatic rolling mill allowing them to make quality grade steels, meeting the demand of the Pakistani construction sector. They are also among Pakistan's largest longs steel manufacturers while utilizing the latest technologies. 


Agha Steel has a variety of products and steel grades including ASTM Grade 60, Grade 80, and BS4449 G500 standards. They also offer various alloy, carbon, and mild steel billets. Their range of billets is corrosion-resistant and has high tensile strength.

agha steel

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