Manufacturing ERP Software

What is Manufacturing ERP Software?


Manufacturing ERP software handles business processes including accounting and finance, purchasing, supply chain, production scheduling, and much more. A manufacturing ERP software such as Zortal will help in tracking raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods inventory by item. 

A manufacturing ERP software can integrate with customer relationship management software, payroll, supply chain management, procurement, warehouse management, human resources software, project management, etc. A manufacturing ERP software may be designed as an all-encompassing industry solution however an ERP software like Zortal can also be customized with features for your specific business needs. 


Why is ERP Software Used in Manufacturing?

Manufacturing ERP software increases the organizational efficiency of a manufacturing business by managing and improving how the company resources are utilized. Helping improve the business by reducing the number of resources necessary without sacrificing quality and performance.

Zortal is an innovative software solution for global businesses and organizations, providing an efficient solution to automate numerous organizational processes including procurement, inventory, warehousing, and sales.
Our solution has been specifically designed to manage, computerize and automate many departments' processes. Zortal helps with workforce management, payroll, and talent management functionalities, helping companies optimize how they manage every stage of the employee lifecycle.