Cloud ERP Software

What is Cloud ERP Software?

Cloud ERP software allows users to access ERP software over servers that are accessed over the Internet. Cloud ERP Software is what gives businesses and companies access to critical applications at any time from any location.

Adopting cloud ERP software helps with business planning and managing rapid growth. Manufacturers and traders can be a lot more selective and successful with the growth strategies they pursue based on insights gained from their cloud-based manufacturing ERP software.


How does cloud-based ERP work?

Cloud-based ERP systems allow companies to access all the  benefits of ERP software via the internet from anywhere. In cloud ERP software the hardware and software are physically located in a business’s own facility.

A cloud ERP can be accessed whenever, from wherever—as long as there is an internet connection and a browser-enabled device. This type of accessibility is a useful and impactful for businesses with remote workforces, field technicians, and multiple locations.

Zortal is an innovative software solution for global businesses and organizations, providing an efficient solution to automate numerous organizational processes including procurement, inventory, warehousing, and sales.

Our solution has been specifically designed to manage, computerize and automate all business processes. Zortal helps with workforce management, payroll, and talent management functionalities, helping companies optimize how they manage every stage of the employee lifecycle.