Benefits of ERP Systems

No matter what the size of your business there are many benefits of ERP software. Zortal is a customizable ERP software that will allow your businesses to integrate and streamline important processes. 


Top Benefits of ERP

  • Single source of truth

    With Zortal ERP you get a comprehensive view of your organization’s performance; financial performance and helps better understand profitability, costs, and revenue. Helping measure critical KPIs in real-time.
  • Reduced manual work

    One of the main benefits of ERP software such as Zortal is that it helps automate mundane, repetitive tasks. Customized features for your specific business needs will allow businesses to dramatically increase efficiency and speed up the process. Facilitating faster reporting by spending less time compiling data.
  • Scalability

    As a company grows, its ERP systems must also be able to adapt seamlessly and scale easily.  Zoral ERP will provide your business with performance, security, and scale, allowing businesses to grow exponentially.
  • Flexibility

    A modern ERP allows your business to deploy what you need when you need it. Defining which areas of the business are addressed and in what order such as your financials, supporting company-wide planning, or improving your logistics.


Zortal is an innovative software solution for global businesses and organizations, providing an efficient solution to automate numerous organizational processes including procurement, inventory, warehousing, and sales.

Our solution has been specifically designed to manage, computerize and automate all business processes. Zortal helps with workforce management, payroll, and talent management functionalities, helping companies optimize their end-to-end business process.