Automated HR Software

Managing employees and all the work processes is a challenging and time consuming task, especially as a business grows and the number of employees increases. For this reason, it is essential for your business to have the best-automated HR software to help manage them. Automated HR software will increase productivity with features designed to make employees’ daily activities fast and easy. 

An automated HR software solution will help streamline HR processes and manage tasks by the department. Automated HR software will assist in tracking employee progress and measuring growth helping save time and have more accurate data. 

A good Automated HR software will concentrate on the important aspects of HR and automate all the tedious and time-consuming tasks. Replacing inefficient databases and paper files, the right Automated HR software will allow you to save money, identify opportunities and accelerate your company’s growth.


The right Automated HR software for you will have the following features:

  • It is simple to use and incorporate
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly
  • Role-based administration
  • Integrates with other third-party applications
  • Provides interactive and valuable insights


Zortal is an innovative automated HR software solution for global businesses and organizations, providing an efficient solution to automate numerous organizational processes including procurement, inventory, warehousing, and sales.

Our solution has been specifically designed to manage, computerize and automate the HR department's processes. Zortal helps with workforce management, payroll, and talent management functionalities, helping companies optimize how they manage every stage of the employee lifecycle.